Houston Birth Services

The word "doula" (doule), is an ancient Greek word meaning "woman servant." Women who hire a birth doula find that they have:

  •  less chance of a cesarean
  • reduced risk of postpartum depression
  • more success at breastfeeding, and for longer
  • statistically shorter labors
  • reduction in epidural requests
  • reduction in oxytocin use
  • reduction in analgesia use
  • reduction in forceps delivery

If you are wondering if you should hire a Houston doula, ask a family member or friend who has used a doula in the past and hear what their response is. Houston doulas offer women prenatal support through education and online and in person communication in addition to full labor and birth support, breastfeeding education and support, and so much more.

Placenta Services

In addition to Houston doula services, I also offer placenta services to women birthing in the Houston and Galveston areas. The placenta is an amazing organ that is often an afterthought of a woman's birthing time. But a babies placenta has nourished and protected them for 9 months, and can keep nourishing and protecting the family far beyond birth, if treated with the proper respect. I offer placenta encapsulation, placenta salve, placenta truffles, placenta smoothies, placenta tincture, and placenta prints.

Monitrice Services

A Monitrice works as a doula but will additionally offer to take heart tones of the baby, take maternal blood pressure readings, and provide vaginal exams on request. Please contact me for information on rates and availability as a monitrice.

A La Carte Services

A La Carte services are available on request. I can be retained for private birth plan consultations, breech baby consultation, cesarean birth consultation, labor and birth services only, or as a public speaker.

If you are in the Houston or Galveston area and are looking for a doula, or for any of the other services listed herein, feel free to contact us for more information and availability.