Houston Childbirth Classes, Workshops, And More

Our bodies were designed to give birth. And, in many cultures, birth is viewed as a natural and normal event. Women in those cultures are raised surrounded by the event, understanding it and viewing it from a young age - how to birth is innate knowledge. Not so in our culture. As such, childbirth classes from an independent childbirth educator can help a woman reclaim that knowledge and understanding of their amazing body, this amazing ability to give birth, and how to care for their amazing newborn! I offer different childbirth education courses that are tailored to suit a variety of needs:

Weekend of Relaxation

A complete and comprehensive childbirth education program, this course examines what research shows to be safest and most effective for pregnancy, birth, and the newborn. It's taught in a 6-7 hour class, completed on a Saturday. Through hands-on learning, education, interactive activities, workbook course work, videos, and demonstrations, women and their birth partners will learn valuable information and relaxation techniques to help them gain confidence in themselves and their births. This course covers nutrition, exercise, the physical, emotional, and mental attributes of each stage of labor, the needs of a laboring woman, how partners can help at every stage of labor, medications and interventions available for labor and birth, natural comfort measures, postpartum and breastfeeding, and more. After class, we keep in touch through email. This class is held at Bay Area Birth Center.

Private classes are available on request.

Private Consults

Private consults are available by request and may include birth plan consultation, breech baby consultation, Houston VBAC support and planning, cesarean birth consultation, sibling childbirth classes, and more.

Workshops and Centering Circles

The Houston Doula Cooperative hosts a number of workshops around Houston at varying cost. These workshops include baby care, baby wearing, breastfeeding support, yoga, best start father support classes, birth story workshops, and more. In additional all of the HDC's clients are invited to our monthly Centering Circles - where you can meet the other doulas and other women due around your time, as well as discuss relevant issues surrounding Houston birth and parenting options. Please visit us on Facebook for more information and a list of upcoming workshops.