Houston Homebirths

Home birth is a safe and valid option for healthy and low-risk women in Houston. Houston is home to around 16 midwives who attend home births, and range from both certified nurse midwives to certified professional midwives. A home delivery has the advantage of a more relaxed environment, water birth options, no restrictions on eating or positioning, no place to transport to for the birth, your birth team comes to you, and no limits placed on the length of labor before medical intervention.

A home birth has the lowest risk of infection to mother and baby of all three possible birthing places and has the lowest rate of cesarean sections. Most midwives carry immediate life-saving tools including medications and oxygen, and all are certified in lifesaving skills.

A homebirth does mean, though, that the expectant mother doesn’t have access to pain medications, and it might mean the family would have to transfer to a hospital if mother or baby needed medical care above what can be administered at home. Pain relief options are limited and homebirths are usually not covered by insurance companies.

As a Houston birth doula, I have extensive experience with a variety of homebirth midwives in the Houston area and would love the opportunity to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your needs and desires for birth.