Houston Hospital Births

The most common location for birth in Houston and America is to deliver in a hospital.  Benefits of hospital birth include:

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Houston Birth Center Births

Houston is home to 6 birth centers and they are a viable option for women interested in the comforts of a home birth but the structure of a hospital.

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Houston Home Births

Home birth is a safe and valid option for healthy and low risk women in Houston.  Houston is home to around 16 midwives who attend home births.

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Doulas Work WITH Your Provider

Houston Doulas work with doctors

Doulas work with obstetricians, family practice doctors, and midwives. We work to facilitate positive communication with your provider and answer any questions you might have about your care in a way that you can understand. We offer information on their policies and practices without the bias of working FOR their office.  Your doula provides continuity of care and autonomy; in a hospital setting it is easy for women to become lost in the hospital system – a doula helps you remain on course.

Doulas Work FOR You

Houston Doulas work with mothers

Doulas offer support, knowledge, and encouragement.  Houston Doulas have many years of experience being involved in many different birth settings.  Doulas can help in unassisted home births, in home births with midwives, in birthing center births, and in hospital births. We work to make sure that your desires for birth and newborn care are honored and to help ensure that you have a safe and satisfying birthing experience. We remain with you from the time that you call us to your side until after birth – no shift changes or on-call rosters. A doula is a good investment; their sole care/concern is you and your baby.  Having someone who understands what you’re going through, who can help ensure that your birthing experience is the best it can be.




 Featured Houston Doula

Cole Deelah - Serving the Houston Area

I serve my clients in a variety of settings.  Whether it is a hospital birth, a planned cesarean, a home birth or in a birthing center.  It's your choice, I will do my best to serve and support you in whatever option you choose. 

Contact:  Nicole (Cole) Deelah - Houston Doula

Office:  (281) 560-3101 Cell : (616) 558-4436